Acción De Gracias In The Camino – Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is such a special time of year – A tradition celebrated and shared with family and friends.  It has been a unique and special 4 years of Acción de Gracias, as it is known in spanish, Thanksgiving in the Camino!  I am grateful for friends who have treated me like family and created special memories that fill my heart with gratitude. Wishing everyone a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!!

A very special thank you to Alex and Lara Zoia at Matias Locanda Italiana in Sarria for a fantastic evening toasting with Lambrusco sparkling rosé wine and some incredible ¨cosera¨ totally homemade PIZZA! I could get used to enjoying these wonderful flavors making a little Italian Style Thanksgiving every year!!!

MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS to my dear friend Marisa Granda Escudero who has helped to celebrate this American Tradition in a fun and different style every year!

For more information please visit: Matias Locanda Italiana Facebook –

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Gastro Delights De Maria Madrid

So many FANTASTIC places to enjoy while visiting Madrid but one of my all time favorites is dining on the street with the fresh air watching the  activity that has the streets of Madrid busy and alive with tourists from around the world and locals who are out for their daily PASEO!

A great thing about revisiting old favorites is they make you feel extra special and treat you like a local which makes returning to a big city like Madrid feel even more wonderful.

You too will enjoy their fantastic ambiance and incredibly special treatment as they serve you a delicious glass of CAVA Rosa – sparkling rose wine, followed by special cheese appetizer, and pumpkin soup even before you have ordered.  It is easy to get used to their special treatment. Following all meals they bring a refreshing mango and Cava (Spain´s Sparkling Wine) smoothie, yogurt topped with mango salsa, as well as, chopito (after dinner digestivo) of your choice. What´s not to love!!!

For more information please visit:

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Special Flavors Of The Ribeiro Wine Region – Ribadavia

What makes a special memory? What travel adventures stay with us years later making us remember wonderful times with family and friends? It is the incredible flavors, ambiance and unique settings we explore with people we love that has us wanting to continue our adventurous explorations of new cultures and unique settings.

Always exciting and incredibly special to enjoy special places that friends want to introduce and share with me.  In exploring Rivadavia I am continually grateful for the kindness of friends to show me what they love of their country Spain and the treasures of Galicia.  With each step and BITE I am always delightfully amazed and incredibly GRATEFUL to continue my Gastro Camino TRAVELS!

It was a wonderful weekend of walking, site seeing and of course TASTING!!! We enjoyed a unique delicacy of Lamprea – a special river fish that has a very special flavor and presentation at Gastro Bar O´Birran – Ribadavia!!!! An incredible place with unique recipes you will for sure enjoy!!!

A very special thank you to my friend,  pilgrim adventurer and travel explorer, Marisa Granda Escudero for showing, sharing some of her favorites in Ribadavia!

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La CUINA D´ENRIC – Valencia Spain

Strolling the beautiful streets of Valencia one can find themselves lost in the atmosphere that is an incredible mix of amazing architecture, beautiful flowers, and wonderful people who greet you with a smile.  Valencia is a fantastic place to relax, explore and discover. Around every corner will be a place that invites you to stop and enjoy which is exactly what I did when I enjoyed an incredible lunch at La Cuina D ´Enric – Antiga Casa Mario.  The Salmorejo – chilled tomato soup was outstanding made with a special twist of watermelon – delicious and refreshing followed by some incredible pasta with nuts and spinach. A glass of red wine from the area made for a fantastic time enjoying the wonderful local atmosphere of Valencia.  This special day has made me want to spend more time discovering this incredible city!!!

For more information Telephone La Cuina D´Enric: 960 05 69 21 Address: El Roteros, 3 El Carmen, Valencia.

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Great Seaside Market Adventures – Pontevedra

Exploring a country through its natural landscapes and cultural traditions makes for many special adventures and long lasting memories. Remembering great travel photography times with Germán Limeres ‪- http://www.‎‬ always VISUALLY Amazing and of course DELICIOSO!!!!

¿Donde comprar el pescado más fresco??
Las Rías Baixas están consideradas como uno de los ecosistemas marinos de mayor diversidad biológica de todo el planeta. Visitar sus mercados es un lugar imprescindible para entender el concepto de “pescado fresco”. Mercado de Pontevedra. Una extensión del mar… en: – German Limeres

For more information please visit German Limeres

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RESAS Restaurante en Santiago de Compostela – DELICIOSO!

Ambiente Increíble!!!

Every new step offers the opportunity to discover new TREASURES! New favorite places that have some of your favorite recipes and FUSION options you might not have tasted for awhile.  Spain offers a NEVER-ENDING opportunity to Discover, Taste & Enjoy! Around every corner lies a new place waiting for you to open the door, walk in, and DISFRUTA – ENJOY!

Each place unique in its ambiance, music and people but something distinctly Spanish! Always welcoming you to enjoy some of their local traditions that will MESMERIZE and SEDUCE you….you will be under her spell and want to venture wandering more of the beautiful ancient stone streets that make their way along old paths surrounded by incredible historic monuments, outstanding architecture, and ambiance while you listen to locals signing opera, playing the bagpipes (Gaitas y Gaiteros – the people who play the Gaita), or just listening to the rain drops making their own music as it is known RAIN IS ART in Santiago! No matter what you are sure to ENJOY!!!

For more information please visit:

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Taberna del Chato – Tapas y Cócteles Madrid

What is it about Tapas y Vinos that always make you want to enjoy just one more bite and one more wonderful sip of delicious wine.  Each flavor so fantastically unique and every new tapa greats you with an invitation that delights always encouraging you to come back for more.

You never know what you might find just around the next corner of some very familiar places you have explored before.  Taberna del Chato was an incredible find on this last adventure to Madrid but I can assure you it will be one of my regular places on my next visits to Madrid.

Great atmosphere, incredible music that adds to the ambiance while you can still enjoy conversations with your friends.  Each Tapa special in its own way and all DELICIOUS!!! Of course one great wine after another so no matter what you prefer red, white or rosado you will ENJOY!  Another great CHILL-OUT in Madrid!!!

For more information please visit:

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Galician GASTRO At PLATEA Madrid

Visiting new places with friends is always a special experience and when the place has incredible atmosphere like PLATEA in Madrid even better.  Always great to see familiar faces like one of Galicia´s Famous Michelin Chefs Pepe Solla of Casa Solla and Grupo Nove.  You know for sure that you are in for some special Tapas y Vinos tasting delicious combinations in unique presentations.  Just like they used to do serving food wrapped in the daily newspaper a modern twist has added some new fun to Tapas Tasting!

It is the best of FUSION mixing old with the new just like the atmosphere of Platea which used to be a movie theater and now is an incredible gastronomy and entertainment experience.  You can enjoy music, specialty concerts, wine tasting, all types of gastronomy from lounge seating to restaurant. Once you enter you will never want to leave! I can´t wait to go back 🙂

Muchísimas gracias to my friend Paz Del Real Carrion for introducing me to a new favorite!!!

For more information please visit:

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More GASTRO Travel Fun In Madrid

El Jardin De Serrano to Ramses Patio Bar

Exploring a city can be a wonderful never ending adventure! You may have your own favorite walking route or discover new ones with tips from friends or locals sharing what they love. Either way your journey is going to be fun and include some wonderful sites and delicious flavors that will keep you wanting to return again and again.

It has been a fantastic week in Madrid and the sunshine makes it hard to leave but for sure more travel journeys to this exciting city to enjoy more of its beautiful traditions and take in more of its incredible architecture and history.

For more information please visit: and

A very special thank you to Maria Consuelo Artiles Gil for sharing some special adventures in Madrid – looking forward to another Madrid travel adventure in the future!

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GASTRO Wanderings In Madrid

Always special meeting new people and making connections while having incredible travel adventures! Special to explore the city and see it through fresh eyes, as well as, learn of what locals love of some of their secret treasures!

Fantastic time exploring and sharing in the excitement of Madrid with new friend Chelo Artiles Gil who greeted me with her incredible smile and kind heart to share in some special memories.  She has been a genuine ambassador of both Galicia and Madrid and her spirit brings new CAMINO SIGNS for me to follow. Muchisimas gracias!!!

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