Cata de Copas – Special Wine Tasting


Galicia was blessed with sunshine and a real feeling of spring in the air! It was a perfect week for an adventure to Santiago de Compostela and the Parador Hotel for the “La Nariz de Oro” – The Golden Nose Wine Tasting Event.


Held in what is believed to be the oldest hotel in the world it was a magical setting to learn and taste some delicious spanish wine.



Stacy, one of my new friends in Santiago, and I had the pleasure of participating in the Cata de Copas (special wine tasting using different style wine glasses).  Stacy is from Seattle, Washington and has lived in Santiago since August 2011. She is an english teacher also working on her Phd thesis and has been very gracious with her translation specialty of spanish.  I think we will enjoy more Gastro Camino events together – a perfect way for me to learn as they say through immersion and a real “hands on” experience – what better way than with a new friend and a glass of wine or two…


Sitting in the historic the great hall of the Parador made for a special experience learning about and tasting Azpilicueta wine (


Our education covered many different aspects of wine from what makes wine varietals different, aging wine, color, taste and the all important “bouquet” of the wine – what the La Nariz de Oro – the golden nose experience was all about.


Tasting the same wonderful wine in 5 different shaped glasses – was a new experience for me and gave me an appreciation for the different aspects and properties of the wine and the overall experience.


They were so kind to spoil us with a very special gift to remember the day and our new wine knowledge with a Riedel Copa – of course the one that makes the wine experience truly UNIQUE and MEMORABLE!  My mother and grandmother always had a appreciation for beautiful glasses and dishes and it not only adds to the experience but the wine was incredibly more delicious and blended the color, bouquet, and taste along with the feeling of holding and drinking from such a beautiful glass  was FANTASTIC!  So one option is to buy the right shape glass and you can enjoy your favorite expensive wine or one that is more reasonable as the taste is incredibly Special in just the right COPA!


Thank you to everyone who made La Nariz de Oro Event and our Cata de Copas wine experience so very special!


Was fun to share some special time with Pepe Beiro Martinez Alonso.  Thank you Pepe for sharing your thoughts on some delicious wine options in Spain.  Looking forward to Los Vinos and another glass of wine at O Beiro Vinoteca!


Thank you Stacy for sharing with me a wonderful day and new experience in Santiago – you are a great new friend and the perfect translator to share the experience. A perfect day and was fun to share in a delicious lunch at La Flor enjoying some refreshing and healthy “greens”  we will definitely have to go back for more Ensalada!


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