The Wonderful World Of Wine



The Wonderful World Of Wine – there is always another wine and vineyard to explore.  Something special and unique for each one has its own history, tradition and desire to invite you to try another sip and ENJOY!


Abadia Da Cova Vineyards:

“We invite you to find out more about our history, set in the magical surroundings of O Cabo do Mundo, the start of it all and where our legend begins.

In 1958José Moure created the Winery as a strong family business, and, with the passing of time, it has grown and grown until it is now one of the legends in this land full of legends, magic and mystery, called Ribeira Sacra.”

Latest Awards

Moure De Autor

PEÑIN GUIDE – 2012 – 95 PTS

Mencía Abadía Da Cova

PEÑIN GUIDE – 2012 – 90 PTS

Mencía Abadía Da Cova Barrel

PEÑIN GUIDE – 2012 – 91 PTS

Albariño Abadía Da Cova

PEÑIN GUIDE – 2012 – 92 PTS

Moure De Autor


Moure De Autor

VINALIES INTERNACIONALES PARIS – 2011 – SILVER MEDALño-da-Ribeira-Sacra/180416552015111

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