A Feast For The Senses


“SienteTeruel reaches Matarranya Matarranya and matches the Cassola

Sometimes the stars align and it seems that this will be one of those memorable occasions … And is that because of the end of Social Trip # SienteTeruel (organized by the Province of Teruel) in the region of Matarranya, we will have the opportunity to attend a unique event in the capital of Matarranya.

The grand finale of # SienteTeruel, will become a showcase to taste the dishes and products Matarranya to Cassola, another initiative of boosting tourism planning in this case organized by the region of Matarranya.

Matarranya to Cassola, is a participatory tourism project with the aim of recovering, highlight and promote the gastronomy of the region as a strategic asset in the region. Thanks to the collective participation of the cooks (chefs) have recovered traditional dishes from the cuisine of the region, which have been reinterpreted depues 14 restaurants by certified or in the certification process, with the Territorial Quality Mark Matarranya.

A feast for the senses

In the event hosted by # SienteTeruel to mark the completion of the Social trip, plus enjoy the best atmosphere of a party, you will have the opportunity to meet and enjoy the great and good of gastronomy Matarranya, from the hand of its best restaurants . The Matarranya restauranes will offer a tasting of dishes Matarranya resulting from the project and the products of the territory Cassola, paired with wines from the region, for only € 15.00.”

For more information please visit: http://www.evadirte.com/es/_a_107415.htm#.UbdfL5XKqFJ

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