Festival of the Brea Pan – Carballo 46 Km from Santiago



Fresh Bread is something that comforts the soul – we all have special memories and can remember the smell of fresh baked bread hot out of the oven. Spain and especially in GALICIA bread is truly CELEBRATED.  A wonderful daily ritual is going to the local market and picking up fresh bread.  So many wonderful types to try and fun to see what will be your new favorite.

Just 46 Km north from Santiago de Compostela in Carballo July 13 – 14, 2013 you will have the opportunity to enjoy in another fantastic festival.  You can soak up the local charm and enjoy fresh bread, sardines and a whole lot more!

“The municipality of Carballo held during the next 13 and 14 July the feast of the Brea bread coinciding with the religious festivals of the Virgen del Socorro and San Antonio, during these two intense days, do not miss the good music by the best orchestras of the music scene, as well as the traditional tasting of Carballo bread with sardines.” – Fiestas De Galicia

Thank You Fiestas de Galicia for sharing the festival information: https://www.facebook.com/FiestasGalicia?fref=ts

For more information please visit: http://www.paxinasgalegas.es/fiestas/festa-do-pan-da-brea-carballo-1128.html

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