Pimientos De Padron – “Pementos” Festival in Naron


A popular Tapa in Galicia is “Pementos”, in gallego and Pimientos de Padron in spanish. These tiny Green Peppers grown in the Galician countryside are delicious and also make TAPA TIME a little bit of a game…as a popular Spanish saying about Padron Peppers is: Unos Pican Otros No – Some are Hot, Some are Not. So you never know with each pepper and bite if you will be surprised by a hot one or if you will be “lucky” – as usually only about 10% of the peppers are hot.

They are a real Galician Tapa Treasure – hope you get to enjoy some while they are in season!

Just 58 KM from Lugo you can travel to share in the Festival Celebrating the PIMIENTOS – food, wine, market, music and dance – July 21, 2013!

Thank you Fiestas de Galicia for your post – For more information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/FiestasGalicia?fref=ts

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