José & Patricia Andrés Enjoying Time On The Camino



July is an extra special time to be on the Camino de Santiago as it is the month of the St. James Festival which this year will be celebrated from July 22 – July 31 – with extra special activities held on St. James Day July 25. Galicia and Santiago is full of happy pilgrims’ celebrating their journey and arrival to share in the special events.

José and Patricia Andrés are enjoying their own personal Camino journey that includes a Gastro Camino celebrating more flavors and tastes of their spanish heritage. Bo Camiño!!!

“Camiño Bo! Jose Andres, owner of 15 restaurants around the world, began the voyage with his wife, Patricia Fernandez, last week in Astorga (León). A path that is sharing his followers through social networks, which has also said that along these days looks forward to learning about food and lose some weight, “Man, because I do see the Way if under some extra pounds more, “he joked.

An experience shared daily with almost 200,000 followers on twitter. A medium and used to advance his arrival in Santiago de Compostela will be this Friday, July 26.

Meanwhile, the chef is leaving proof of their passion for food and most traditional dishes of the places through which it passes. Yesterday, the stop was Portomarín and food: fried eel.” – Article:

José & Patricia Andrés Enjoying Time On The Camino

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2 Responses to José & Patricia Andrés Enjoying Time On The Camino

  1. Dee Pierson says:

    Did he have a cooking show in the late 90’s? He looks like this chef I used to watch when we lived there briefly, A Basque, I think. Loved it and he helped me a lot in in finding ways to prepare the ingredients found at market in season.

    • Yes – lots of fun learning all the wonderful varieties of Spanish cooking. We have lots in development – books, documentaries, events around the world and much more… Thank you for writing!

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