History Of Tarta De Santiago – St. James Cake

tarta ancano


Tarta De Santiago – Time For A Little DESSERT!!! – Photograph by German Limeres

Any time of the year it is a special treat to enjoy Tarta de Santiago – a little St. James Cake.  A traditional delicious dessert that served in the fall or winter by a fireplace after a wonderful meal is a real delight or spring and summertime sitting outside at a local cafe or picnic with family and friends you know everyone will enjoy.

For me it is always interesting to learn the history of where a culture’s traditions originate and brings a very special meaning to the experience. Hope you to will enjoy a little bit of St. James history.

“Tarta de Santiago, literally meaning cake of St. James, is an almond cake or pie from Galicia with origin in the Middle Ages. The Galician name for cake is Torta whilst it is often referred to Tarta, which is the Spanish word. The filling principally consists of ground almonds, eggs and sugar. The top of the pie is usually decorated with powdered sugar, masked by an imprint of the Cross of Saint James (cruz de Santiago) which gives the pastry its name.

It was the sweet chosen to represent Spain in the Café Europe initiative of the Austrian presidency of the European Union, on Europe Day 2006.

In May 2010, the EU gave Tarta de Santiago PGI status within Europe

This dessert was rated #23 overall at the World Baked Goods competition in 1986, held in Warsaw, Poland.” – WIKIPEDIA

Tarta de Santiago Photograph: German Limeres


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