Fall Creations – Creatividad Gastronomica



Wine harvest season is a very special time that celebrates the delicious grapes growth and development.  The sun has blessed the vineyards bringing enrichment that is now ready to be shared.  The grapes will now move from living in the fields being harvested to transferring its vitality to now transform into something wonderful for all to enjoy.  The grapes blessed us with their beauty while in the fields and will now bless us with its amazing varieties of flavors depending on its origin and varietal type.  Always a pleasure to enjoy one of your favorites or to find a new one.  Have fun creating special recipes pairing flavors that you will enjoy and remember just as Creatividad Gastronomica has done with their Bogavante – foto de Visions Gourmandes.

Thank you Creatividad Gastronomica for another inspiring picture and post – for more information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/CREATIVIDAD.GASTRONOMICA

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