Time To Taste A Little Wine


Just 46 km Southwest from Santiago de Compostela you can visit Peroxa and take part in their festival CELEBRATING WINE. A perfect fall weekend Gastro Camino Adventure to share in some festival, wine tasting, music and food fun October 11 – 12, 2013. A great opportunity to share in some special time with family and friends – For sure you will enjoy discovering another fantastic town in Galicia and just maybe find another new favorite wine!!!

“This party, whose main objective is to extol the quality of wines from the area, will be held in Gulfariz, in the municipality of A Peroxa, next on 11 and 12 October. During the two day attendees can enjoy with meals, dinners and musical performances organized for the occasion, and to taste young wine.”
MORE information at: http://www.paxinasgalegas.es/fiestas/rebadaira-festa-do-viño-a-peroxa-2008.html (Translated by Bing)

Thank you Fiestas de Galicia: https://www.facebook.com/FiestasGalicia?hc_location=stream

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