“Magosto” Autumn Festival: Castañas – Chestnut Season



Castañas or chestnuts are in season and it is a wonderful site to see all over Galicia.  The trees are full and now the castañas are dropping to the ground inviting all to take a walk through the beautiful woods and forests that make Galicia so very special. A perfect time to take a walk with a friend or invite your family for a traditional outing picking chestnuts or you can visit the Festival in Santiago de Compostela October 18, 25, and 31st celebrating “Magosto” or the arrival of Autumn.  Enjoy music, traditional recipes, local arts and crafts.

“The next 18, 25 and 31 October the culture city of Santiago de Compostela will host the “magosto” no Gaias event, which will celebrate the arrival of autumn with the music of Milladoiro, Marful and Mofa e Befa theatre. A great opportunity to enjoy, from 21.00 hours at the Museum Center Gaias, of three great evenings where viewers enjoy, free and before the start of each show, the exquisite chestnuts of Galicia.” – Fiestas de Galicia
Thank you Fiestas de Galicia for more information visit: http://www.paxinasgalegas.es/fiestas/magosto-no-gaiás-santiago-de-compostela-10437.html(Translated by Bing)

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