Deep Dish BACALAO Will WOW You – Bar Do Basilio


Bacalao, or Cod, is a traditional Galician Favorite.  I have been fortunate to travel and taste all types of special recipes dedicated to this flavorful white fish but the best so far – a BACALAO that will truly WOW you is Bar Do Basilio’s DEEP DISH BACALAO and potatoes.  Located just outside the city of Lugo, in the Province of Lugo, you will travel down a magical country path through enchanting forests with flowing rivers and streams that help guide you to this wonderful restaurant famous to the locals for their special “Enxebre” preparation and experience.


A traditional Galician recipe prepared in a deep dish or “pota” , as they say in spanish, is placed in hot ashes for up to 6 hours depending on the weather and temperature of the hot coal ashes that make this dish so very special.  A truly unique “Enxebre” experience. Enxebre relates to the heritage of Galician traditions of home made prepared food and experience of the local customs of the people. Both are something that you will truly enjoy and remember.



If you have a Sweet Tooth or SWEETS are your favorite Treats then Bar Do Basilio will also WOW you with their “Postres” or desserts.  Also, home made and two of the best I have tasted in Galicia. It was hard to choose which one to try so we all shared a little of both: Flan de Cafe and Tarta de Queso a fluffiy, light, and rich flavor cheese cake.

Thank you to my friend Marisa Granda and her family for including me in another fantastic Galician Gourmet Adventure! I will definitely be going back for another amazing time.

If you are interested in trying the Bacalao or their other famous dish of Conejo – rabbit – please make sure to call 3 days in advance to make your reservation so they can prepare this very special meal for you.  Why 3 days you say? Well, this traditional recipe of bacalao and conejo requires advance cooking preparation and de-salting along with a very special outdoor fire.  The fantastic campfire smell that envelops you upon arriving will bring back many wonderful memories as well.  Hope you enjoy!!!


For more information contact: Bar Do Basilio: Especialidades: Conejo, Bacalao, Anguilas, Sarda o Caballa “A La Tierra” – Cerceda, n- 39 27163 Corgo (Lugo) España – +34 982 54 32 13

Thank you Vero for taking the pictures that are perfect reminders of our Delicious Outing & Fun Field Trip to Bar Do Basilio!!!


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