Camelia’s, Sunshine & Some WINE!

Galicia is alive with all the magic of springtime and the Semana Santa (Holy Easter Week) was a fantastic time to enjoy more SPRING Festival Celebrations! Especially, when we get a little sunshine here in Green Galicia. A true delight for this Southern Californian Beach Raised Gal who is learning to get used to the Galician winters. Celebrating my 3rd winter or as they say in Spain “Invierno” which comes from the latin word “Inferno” that translates literally as hell it sure explains the difficult winters in Galicia and Europe. One can begin to really understand why so many countries share a similar appreciation for springtime and the need to let loose and CELEBRATE with the first signs of Spring!

So it was a perfect day and special outing when my spanish girlfriend and Galician neighbor, Marisa Granda, who always is in the know of what fun events are taking place. A great local adventure to enjoy the Camelia Specimens that were on display for the Reverte Camelia event in Lugo.  Usually, it is Gastronomy and Wine Pairings. In this case it was the Vibrant COLORS of the Camelia’s and a little Wine Tasting – no matter your favorite – rosado, white or red “vino tinto” you are sure to enjoy!!!

For more information on Reverte Camelia please visit:

Thank you TurismoenGalicia.blogspot for the beautiful nature picture of camelia’s and river scene – IMPRESIONANTE!

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