Fantásticas Fresas Fritas – Deliciosas

Rich, Vibrant, Sweet Colorful and OH SO DELICIOUS or Deliciosas as they say in Spain!  Everyone loves surprises, well and those that don’t maybe they aren’t used to Fantastic Surprises,  ones that from the minute you set eyes on them you know it is going to be good.  The incredible rich red color and texture captures your attention from the very first moment.


They say RED is known as a color that stirs up many of your senses. Dining rooms painted in red are supposed to increase your appetite and of course heighten the overall sensual appeal and experience.  It is a color that makes you feel alive and is one of the symbolic colors of life – as its rich and deep hue matches that of our own blood.  So like wine it can be the full bodied flavor that interests you or in this case it would be the anticipation of the sweet, tangy, and smooth blending of strawberries fried with some sugar,  a little pepper – yep that’s right black rich ground pepper and of course add Brandy FLAMBÉ and to top it off a little “helado de nata” or vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks. This fabulous dessert combines a little red hot fire, dramatic preparation and presentation – What’s not to love of this wonderfully simple and amazingly delicious recipe.

A very special thank you to my spanish girlfriend and Galician neighbor Marisa Granda – you always live up to your name GRANDA – everything we do and experience is a GRAND ADVENTURE! Muchisimas Gracias!

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