La Sesión Vermú – Vermouth Time

Spaniards have a way of making many times throughout the day a celebration of their gastronomy roots and cultural heritage. There is a pace and special timing to some of these traditions that are unique to Spain and La Sesión Vermú or Vermouth Time is one of them.


“The origin of this special beverage, between sweet and bitter, dates from the olden days (According to spirits lore, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates invented vermouth) though the modern version was introduced in 1786 by Italian Antonio Benedetto Carpano. Later, in the Mid-nineteenth century, it appeared in Spain. It is believed that the first vermouth manufactured in Spain dates from 1850.” – wikipedia

With its increasing popularity during the middle of the century where it reached the height of its popularity during the dictatorial period it was a tradition for middle-lower class famlies to “Tomar el vermut” – take a vermouth – after Sunday mass and this hour became known for  “La hora del vermut”.


Over the years in Spain the tradition or habit of drinking vermouth may have decreased a little but today traditional local establishments have become very popular along with old-fashioned bars, taverns and wine bars that are now cutting-edge becoming more and more popular every day.

So next time you are out and ready to stop for a refreshment before lunch you may want to ask a friend to join you and “Tomar el vermut” and celebration your own “La Sesión Vermú” partaking in your own way this special Spanish tradition.

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