Des Tapa Galicia – O Mercado Lugo

From one great flavor to another Tapa Tasting makes for a fun way to explore one’s town.  Visiting a few favorite local bars and it is a great excuse to try a few new places – with one little Tapa at a time as a great incentive.  Tapas are famous in Spain and in Galicia we are even more spoiled as you get two Tapas for free with every beverage.  One cold and prepared a perfect bite size snack and a second warm or hot Tapa always a variety and selection that will for sure help you with holding off your hunger.  Now there is a special Tapa experience that is becoming a tradition during certain times of the year here and for 2 euros you can have a very special Tapa created just for this Tapa Time. If you are traveling keep an eye out in cities you are visiting and you might enjoy touring the city with the perfect travel Tapa Tastings! Again a great way to explore your town and try a few new places and a few new Tapa Treats! Yum Yum!

For more information please visit:

Thank you to Marisa Granda for another fun excursion around town – O Mercado in Lugo always has great Tapas and their Hamburger Tapa was FANTASTIC – perfect for our Fantastic Friday with Friends outing. Muchas Gracias!

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