Have Fun Celebrating San XOAN

Today is a very wonderful day of celebration in Galicia.  People will begin and end their day with some very special and unique traditions of celebration.  From the time they wake up they will celebrate that summer is in full swing as we have just experienced the summer solstice June 21 which marks the point of the longest day of sunshine where there is a equal balance of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

One very special ritual is the placing of rose petals in water to let the essence of the beautiful rose oil mix with the water that is then splashed lovingly on the face and body with smiles and a full heart of gratitude for abundance that nature has provided from the blossoming of spring to now the warm summer days where the crops and nature are in their full growing glory.

Another special celebration of San Xoan are the fantastically fresh sardines done on the grill or a la plancha – the wonderful smell of the barbacoa invites people to share in another abundance from nature this time from the sea where many will enjoy this delicious culinary delight.

The day will end with a very unique celebration where in some areas like A Caruña, on the Camino Inglés or the English Way, it is tradition to meet friends on the beach and light huge bonfires where there can be as many as 800 in one evening.

So many wonderful traditions and celebrations to enjoy. Something that no matter where you are you can participate in your own way and if you are in Galicia then you have the chance to pick your city and celebration.

For more information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/FiestasGalicia/photos/a.140392832672809.28297.140275159351243/783097448402341/?type=1&theater

Thank you Robert Forrester for your facebook post and the great picture reminder to make some delicious Sardines a la plancha today 🙂

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