Camino Connections at KM 51 Casa Alongos – Melide


The Camino CONNECTS in so many wonderful ways – in meeting new people, enjoying exploring a new culture, discovering new traditions, sharing in delicious tapas y vinos and also in re-connecting with family and friends as was my case yesterday at CASA ALONGOS in Melide at KM 51.  It was a very special reunion for me in the Camino Francés to get to see Wolfgang Puke from Greven, long time family friend from Germany – the home town of my family’s german heritage and what better place to celebrate than getting together after 15 years than in the Camino sharing stories, enjoying some incredible tapas y vinos that Concha, Fran and Manuel of Casa Alongos prepared for us to savor and enjoy along with a little tour of her special herbs and berry garden.  It was a perfect afternoon sitting on the terrace catching up enjoying a little CAMINO CHILL-OUT while we were joined by others from around the world. A pilgrim from Russia and Wolfgang’s pilgrim companions Toruyo and Tomoyo from Japan – a truly international fun afternoon.

If you are making your way on the Camino Francés have fun trying the fantastic tapas y vinos at CASA ALONGOS – KM 51 right on the camino last house on the right – you can’t miss it:) Thank you to every one for making such a special day in the Camino! Looking forward to another CAMINO CHILL-OUT Adventure!!!

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