Monforte De Lemos: Vinos Y MAS!

Tapas Y Vinos Y Comida Y MAS: O Grelo Restaurante

So much fun exploring ancient Galician cities, visiting with friends, and enjoying delicious Gastronomy and WINE! Trips to Monforte de Lemos make for a perfect day talking and tasting and the perfect place for an incredible afternoon lunch is O Grelo Restaurante near the Parador Monforte de Lemos.  Picture yourself standing on top of this historic mountain with the medieval tower and monastery of the Parador surrounding you. Everywhere you look this incredible circular view invites you to soak up the beautiful landscapes. One can just imagine what it was like during Medieval times – Majestic, Mystical and very Magical!

From fresh flavorful pastas and seafood to savory meat accompanied with fantastic white wine what’s not to love!!! Muchas gracias to my friends Lucie and Kaj Christensen of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural and O Grelo Restaurante for a wonderful day in Monforte De Lemos. Looking forward to more delicious lunches at O Grelo!!!

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