Galician GASTRO At PLATEA Madrid

Visiting new places with friends is always a special experience and when the place has incredible atmosphere like PLATEA in Madrid even better.  Always great to see familiar faces like one of Galicia´s Famous Michelin Chefs Pepe Solla of Casa Solla and Grupo Nove.  You know for sure that you are in for some special Tapas y Vinos tasting delicious combinations in unique presentations.  Just like they used to do serving food wrapped in the daily newspaper a modern twist has added some new fun to Tapas Tasting!

It is the best of FUSION mixing old with the new just like the atmosphere of Platea which used to be a movie theater and now is an incredible gastronomy and entertainment experience.  You can enjoy music, specialty concerts, wine tasting, all types of gastronomy from lounge seating to restaurant. Once you enter you will never want to leave! I can´t wait to go back 🙂

Muchísimas gracias to my friend Paz Del Real Carrion for introducing me to a new favorite!!!

For more information please visit:

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