RESAS Restaurante en Santiago de Compostela – DELICIOSO!

Ambiente Increíble!!!

Every new step offers the opportunity to discover new TREASURES! New favorite places that have some of your favorite recipes and FUSION options you might not have tasted for awhile.  Spain offers a NEVER-ENDING opportunity to Discover, Taste & Enjoy! Around every corner lies a new place waiting for you to open the door, walk in, and DISFRUTA – ENJOY!

Each place unique in its ambiance, music and people but something distinctly Spanish! Always welcoming you to enjoy some of their local traditions that will MESMERIZE and SEDUCE you….you will be under her spell and want to venture wandering more of the beautiful ancient stone streets that make their way along old paths surrounded by incredible historic monuments, outstanding architecture, and ambiance while you listen to locals signing opera, playing the bagpipes (Gaitas y Gaiteros – the people who play the Gaita), or just listening to the rain drops making their own music as it is known RAIN IS ART in Santiago! No matter what you are sure to ENJOY!!!

For more information please visit:

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