Special Flavors Of The Ribeiro Wine Region – Ribadavia

What makes a special memory? What travel adventures stay with us years later making us remember wonderful times with family and friends? It is the incredible flavors, ambiance and unique settings we explore with people we love that has us wanting to continue our adventurous explorations of new cultures and unique settings.

Always exciting and incredibly special to enjoy special places that friends want to introduce and share with me.  In exploring Rivadavia I am continually grateful for the kindness of friends to show me what they love of their country Spain and the treasures of Galicia.  With each step and BITE I am always delightfully amazed and incredibly GRATEFUL to continue my Gastro Camino TRAVELS!

It was a wonderful weekend of walking, site seeing and of course TASTING!!! We enjoyed a unique delicacy of Lamprea – a special river fish that has a very special flavor and presentation at Gastro Bar O´Birran – Ribadavia!!!! An incredible place with unique recipes you will for sure enjoy!!!

A very special thank you to my friend,  pilgrim adventurer and travel explorer, Marisa Granda Escudero for showing, sharing some of her favorites in Ribadavia!

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