Gastro Delights De Maria Madrid

So many FANTASTIC places to enjoy while visiting Madrid but one of my all time favorites is dining on the street with the fresh air watching the  activity that has the streets of Madrid busy and alive with tourists from around the world and locals who are out for their daily PASEO!

A great thing about revisiting old favorites is they make you feel extra special and treat you like a local which makes returning to a big city like Madrid feel even more wonderful.

You too will enjoy their fantastic ambiance and incredibly special treatment as they serve you a delicious glass of CAVA Rosa – sparkling rose wine, followed by special cheese appetizer, and pumpkin soup even before you have ordered.  It is easy to get used to their special treatment. Following all meals they bring a refreshing mango and Cava (Spain´s Sparkling Wine) smoothie, yogurt topped with mango salsa, as well as, chopito (after dinner digestivo) of your choice. What´s not to love!!!

For more information please visit:

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  1. that looks so good!

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