Discover Galicia


GASTRO CAMINO – Book & Travel Series

Descrubrir – DISCOVER – Sabor – TASTE & Disfrutar – ENJOY: Experiencia – EXPERIENCE ESPANA TM

Join us as we venture through Spain and discover its rich history and culture through Gastronomia, Vinos & Viajes – savoring its natural beauty while we enjoy the CUISINE, WINES and TRAVEL of SPAIN!

Los Vinos de Espana – Wine Share in a special and unique experience beginning with the Galician Wine Routes of Northern Spain as we discover some of the best kept secrets of Galician winemaking. A world of know how available today at the hands of its protagonist, the wine merchant and enjoy while the winemakers cook for you some of the most delicious and traditional recipes of Spain.

Gastronomia – Cuisine and Wine. Spain is known for its Tapas Y Vinos and Galician gastronomy is recognized as having a strong personality full of savory spices and unique ingredients.  Wine presides at every meal and dinner, be it Tapas Y Vinos, at your table or snacks while you stand at the bar soaking up the atmosphere while listening to spanish music and conversation. Recipes passed down through the generations are alternated with contemporary offerings which add new flavors to traditional gastronomy of Spain.  On the coast you might enjoy tasting “Peixe de Ria” – Fish from the Ria – and shellfish, octopus pie or xoubinas – pilchards – accompanied by the acclaimed Padron peppers, or even a hearty stew or boiled ham with greens,fabada or caldo, if you travel inland in the winter.  There is always an impressive range of fresh seasonal products to try in restaurants and “bares de vinos”, wine bars , andExperience Espana TM.

Viajes – Travel: Be seduced by the rich diversity of Galician scenery. A world of valleys and mountains, of monastic sounds that transport us to a medieval world, of vineyards with a sea flavor, or border vineyards, wines created with the rich, and beautiful mountainous terrain first cultivated in Roman times. You will also enjoy small vineyards with beautiful landscapes dominated by great rivers.

Join us in 2013, 2014, 2015… as we travel Spain and get to know Galicia through its unique FLAVORS & beautiful COLORS !

 foto 2 - Version 2
Ribeira Sacra Photograph by: German Limeres

1 Response to Discover Galicia

  1. I spent a weekend in Galicia, and it was marvelous! I will actually be going back to Spain to do El Camino de Santiago in August, and I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for the post

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