Galician GASTRO At PLATEA Madrid

Visiting new places with friends is always a special experience and when the place has incredible atmosphere like PLATEA in Madrid even better.  Always great to see familiar faces like one of Galicia´s Famous Michelin Chefs Pepe Solla of Casa Solla and Grupo Nove.  You know for sure that you are in for some special Tapas y Vinos tasting delicious combinations in unique presentations.  Just like they used to do serving food wrapped in the daily newspaper a modern twist has added some new fun to Tapas Tasting!

It is the best of FUSION mixing old with the new just like the atmosphere of Platea which used to be a movie theater and now is an incredible gastronomy and entertainment experience.  You can enjoy music, specialty concerts, wine tasting, all types of gastronomy from lounge seating to restaurant. Once you enter you will never want to leave! I can´t wait to go back 🙂

Muchísimas gracias to my friend Paz Del Real Carrion for introducing me to a new favorite!!!

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More GASTRO Travel Fun In Madrid

El Jardin De Serrano to Ramses Patio Bar

Exploring a city can be a wonderful never ending adventure! You may have your own favorite walking route or discover new ones with tips from friends or locals sharing what they love. Either way your journey is going to be fun and include some wonderful sites and delicious flavors that will keep you wanting to return again and again.

It has been a fantastic week in Madrid and the sunshine makes it hard to leave but for sure more travel journeys to this exciting city to enjoy more of its beautiful traditions and take in more of its incredible architecture and history.

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A very special thank you to Maria Consuelo Artiles Gil for sharing some special adventures in Madrid – looking forward to another Madrid travel adventure in the future!

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GASTRO Wanderings In Madrid

Always special meeting new people and making connections while having incredible travel adventures! Special to explore the city and see it through fresh eyes, as well as, learn of what locals love of some of their secret treasures!

Fantastic time exploring and sharing in the excitement of Madrid with new friend Chelo Artiles Gil who greeted me with her incredible smile and kind heart to share in some special memories.  She has been a genuine ambassador of both Galicia and Madrid and her spirit brings new CAMINO SIGNS for me to follow. Muchisimas gracias!!!

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Spring Market Day In Chantada With Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural

A Sunshine Adventure With Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural

A very special experience and weekend treat that one never tires of living in Galicia is going into town on market days.  You can feel the spring energy in the air as everyone was out getting their fresh grown fruits and vegetables and local meats and cheeses – almost everything here is naturally organic.

Always a delicious pleasure is taking part in a galician tradition of Pulpo A Feria. Glasses clinking toasts while bagpipes are playing make the perfect setting for everyone to catch up on the latest with friends and family.  Muchisimas gracias to my friend Lucie of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural for another special outing in Chantada – always a delightful and sure to be delicious!

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GASTRO Viaje – Fórum Gastronómico A Caruña 2015


What better than to spend the day wine tasting and discovering new FLAVORS and special GASTRONOMY recipes with friends. It is my third time to share in the unique experience of Fórum Gastronómico A Caruña where you are sure to be amazed and enjoy the people, incredible energy, and unbelievably delicious products that make up this amazing event. Not to be missed and always a very special pleasure for all 5 of your senses!!!

Muchas gracias to my friend Lucie of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural for joining me as we EXPLORED, TASTED, DISCOVERED and ENJOYED Fórum Gastronómic!!!

A very special thank you to photographers German Limeres and Carlos Ximenez – Muchisimas gracias por todo!

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Incredible Celebrations In Santiago – Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos

Feliz Año Nuevo – Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a very happy, blessed and wondrous New Year filled with many special times shared with family and friends creating memories you will treasure!

The Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos in Santiago de Compostela is a magical, mysterious, and full of incredible history that has become legendary world wide. It always inspires, delights and helps in creating memories that last a lifetime!

A very special thank you to Julio Castro Marcote, Director of the Parador Santiago, for your fantastic pictures that capture the magic of being at the Parador and in Santiago!

For more information please visit:

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Felices Fiestas – Merry Christmas – Feliz Navidad



The holidays are a very special time of year filled with celebrations of all kinds with family and friends.  It is a time of sharing, connecting and enjoying, as well as remembering, many special memories of the year.  I wish for all a very Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas as you celebrate with your loved ones enjoying some fantastic favorite recipes and delicious wines 🙂

A special thank you to Charlotte Hall for posting such a great picture to share during the holiday season.

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