It’s Tapa Time – 6 Degrees Of Santiago – Alicia’s Friday Factoid!



Tapas are a true staple of Spanish life and in Galicia you are spoiled with receiving usually two free tapas when you order any drink – one cold and one hot tapa.  It is a custom and tradition that is easy to get used to – yum yum!


Thank you Alicia Wszelaki for your documentary post: Camino The Journey to Santiago 6 Degrees of Santiago Friday Factoid. ”

In Spanish the word tapa meanscover.  The original tapas in Spain were hard slices of cheese that covered a drink.  The cheese was used to keep fruit flies and other insects away!

Now-a-days the typical use of the word tapas refers to small delicious appetizers and snacks.

Sharing this cuisine is not just about a meal. It’s also a strong part of the Camino’s ancient tradition of friendship.  Savor these timeless traditions with your Camino friends.  And if those moments involve table wine or a fruit basket, don’t forget what to do to keep your meal safe!

Remember, time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana!” – Alicia Wszelaki

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